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Publicado em: 2009-04-01
Beleza - Tratamento de Beleza
Olhos (espelho da Alma" -

EyesThe eyes are the mirrors of the soul, they reflect the very depth of you, your feelings, health and even your mood. With the right treatment your eyes need never be without that youthful sparkle again.

There are so many wonderful treatments on the market today especially for your eyes, helping to relieve tiredness and the signs of. EyesReally refreshing while gently caring for the delicate skin around the eye area, all of these treatments use products specifically for the eyes. You can also enhance the appearance of your eyes with salon treatments such as lash tinting and perming. Just think you can go swimming any time and not have to worry about "panda eyes" When making appointments for these treatments you must remember to make an appointment at least 24 hours prior for a patch test to make sure that you are not allergic to any of the products used.

When you talk with your eyes make sure you're saying," I'm great!!

COLLAGEN V.P. – V.P. stands for Visible Plump – is a new pioneering wrinkle detesting anti-ageing Collagen eye cream by Celebrity Skin doctor, Dr Neetu Nirdosh MBCHB which has taken over a decade to clinically formulate. It contains meticulous doses of advanced high strength anti-ageing molecules in one single eye cream to instantly offer the delicate eye region wrinkle treatment and results. Phyto- Collagen + Vitamin K combined with Retinol help renew the deep cellular eye tissue and shift static fluid accumulation to diminish the unwanted blueish shadows, instantly reduce wrinkle appearance and re-generate younger looking eyes.

Collagen V.P. Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream

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